Posted on February 3, 2014 : Posted in Early Child Care, Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips

As a parent how do you know if your child is in an environment that will support
appropriate brain development?

This is your Monday Morning Parenting Moment brought to you by
Legacy Academy for Children.

By the time they are three, a child’s brain has formed 1000 trillion connections
between neurons.  As you tour a center looking for a program for your child, observe the interactions between the caregivers and the children. In a program focusing on Brain-Considerate Learning you should see interactions that include talking, singing, reading, playing,
and exploring objects. The physical space should be clean, calm and safe from
hazards. Young children are learning how to learn. 

Positive and supportive experiences are the architect of their brains.
Educating and supporting a child’s development is a team effort with the program and
the parent. Creating brain connections involves the human connection.

That’s your Legacy Academy Parenting Moment. Give your little legacy the Brain-Considerate 
opportunity of a life time, call any Legacy Academy of your choice for more information.