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Why Choose Legacy Academy: Our mission is to serve our children, families, staff, and the community.


The decision about who to entrust with the daily care of your child is one of a parent’s most important decisions. Our goal is to provide exceptional care that allows parents to work and contribute to our communities with confidence that their children are loved, attended to, and nurtured. With that goal in mind, we become a part of the families that come through our doors each day. It is a high privilege and responsibility which we take seriously.

Legacy Academy is a unique environment for children because of our mission, focus, and the day-to-day tools we use as we nurture and educate thousands of children.

The reasons for choosing Legacy Academy revolve around our commitment to the children and families we serve:

Framework For Their Future®
Legacy Academy™’s
curriculum, Framework For Their Future®, was designed by a team of child development and childcare experts, grounded in current early childhood and recent brain development research and copyrighted for the exclusive use of Legacy Academy For Children®.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
All Legacy Academy schools are accredited or in the process of attaining accreditation. Accreditation of our early childhood programs is a reflection of Legacy Academy™’s commitment to academic excellence. The NAEYC accreditation process requires each school to meet specific quality standards in areas such as:

  • Interactions among teachers and children
  • Low child to staff ratios
  • Developmental appropriateness of the curriculum
  • Staff qualifications
  • Health and safety
  • Administration

Our Partnership With Parents
At Legacy Academy we know that it takes families, teachers, and our management teams working together to provide quality care and education for the “little legacies” who come through our front door. We value your input, your support, and your confidence in us. We encourage you to partner with us in a variety of ways:

Through written and verbal communication, you’ll stay in touch with your child’s progress and classroom activities.

  • Our parent newsletter, Legacy Lines, is a valuable resource sent to you each month with information about what your child will experience at school, resources about your child’s development, fun family activities, and upcoming events. It is our goal to help you stay involved and informed.
  • Lesson plans and announcements will be on display and provided to you on a regular basis to keep you informed about your child’s learning environment. Also, be sure to check out your school’s Facebook page for great photos of activities and news updates. Legacy also uses Twitter to keep families up-to-date.
  • We encourage you to attend Legacy Academy special events and to participate in classroom and school projects by contributing items, visiting during group times and learning activities.
  • Each day as you bring your child to Legacy Academy and again at the end of the day, you will have opportunities to share important facts about your child’s health, temperament, or emotional needs. The information you share will assist teachers as they nurture and care for your child.
  • Throughout the day, we will stay in touch with you with any concerns or updates via phone calls, emails, or texts which ever works best for you.
  • At the end of each day, you will receive a Daily Report Card, highlighting the activities your child enjoyed during the day.

Legacy Academy provides resources to help families share in the daily learning experiences of their children. Teachers provide activities for you to share with your child at home which reinforce learning at Legacy Academy.


  • Read-to-Me lists of theme-related books make it easy for you to choose books to read to your child and expand learning at home.
  • School-Home Learning Connections encourage parent involvement in the learning experience at school and at home.
  • In Touch with Parents provides you with information related to positive parenting.

These valuable resources can be found on the Parent Information Board in your child’s classroom.

Safety Features

One of the goals of Legacy Academy is to provide a safe environment for children and to give parents a sense of security when their children are in our care. We take this commitment seriously and have systems in place to ensure this goal is carried out.

  • Classrooms and common areas are equipped with closed circuit cameras to allow for monitoring by parents and management.
  • Each entry is equipped with a magnetic lock and coded key pad for added security. A staff person is centrally located to screen visitors upon arrival.
  • Fire drills are conducted monthly and severe weather drills are conducted quarterly.
  • Three age-specific playgrounds provide a safe and secure area for children to develop their skills and are routinely checked for optimum safety and cleanliness.

Qualified Staff

The Legacy Academy staff respects the developmental stages of each individual child. We understand that each child possesses a dynamic continuum of development. We work closely with families to ensure that the child’s cognitive, social, physical, and emotional needs are met. Using a wonderful blend of experience, enthusiasm, knowledge, training, and skill, Legacy teachers create the perfect nurturing and safe environment for infants and young children. Their commitment to quality care reassures parents each day that children are special at Legacy. On-going training, educational conferences, workshops, and videos keep our teachers up to date with current research and educational requirements. We encourage and support all staff to reach for the stars in their educational and personal goals.

A Focus on Nutrition and Physical Activity

Healthy food choices and lots of opportunity for play and physical exercise help children’s bodies grow strong and healthy.

  • Family-style dining promotes healthy life skills.
  • Extra-curricular movement classes from dance to karate and gymnastics are available. (Check your location for programs.)
  • Covered outdoor play areas allow opportunities for outside play on rainy days.
  • Fun and engaging physical activities are incorporated into our Framework For Their Future® curriculum.