Reasons to Let Children Dress Themselves

Posted on August 23, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

So, your child wants to wear a bright green shirt with some striped pink pants. Well, why not? It’s not what you would have picked, but it turns out that there are a lot of reasons to let children dress themselves. Don’t worry. Soon enough, they’ll develop a better eye for matching patterns. Meanwhile, here are just a few of the benefits that come from letting children get dressed on their own.

Individuality and Confidence

Individuality and confidence are two of the biggest reasons to let children dress themselves. When children can choose their own clothes, they know that they’re trusted to make decisions for themselves. They’ll understand that they can make some choices as an individual. As a result, they’ll gain some more individuality. As a result of that individuality, they’ll also gain some confidence. Someday, they’ll have to make bigger decisions than what to wear. If they start trusting their own choices early, they won’t second guess themselves later. The trust that you gave them will carry them far.

Creative Expression

For your child, getting dressed can be a form of creative expression. Creativity is a wonderful thing. It leads to academic success, self-awareness, and increased problem-solving skills. There are lots of ways for you to foster your child’s creativity but letting them get dressed on their own is an easy way to get started.

Motor Skills

If you’re looking for reasons to let children dress themselves, here’s a great one. Getting dressed can sharpen your child’s fine motor skills. Working with zippers, buttons, and snaps can give your child more dexterity. Even simpler things like pulling on a shirt can enhance those skills. Since your child will use their fine motor skills for things like handwriting, letting them get dressed on their own can give them a head start for kindergarten.

Preparation for the Future

Eventually, your child will have to get dressed on their own. When they get a little older, you’ll likely want them to get dressed on their own, anyway. Why not help them get some practice under their belt? When your child first starts getting dressed alone, they may make a few outlandish choices. Let them make those choices now, while they’re still a preschooler. If they get that practice now, they’ll have a better sense of which colors and patterns match by the time they reach kindergarten or first grade.

Working with Boundaries

Now, just because there are plenty of good reasons to let children dress themselves doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t provide some guidance. If your child picks out something that’s too small, point them toward something that fits. If they want to wear a sleeveless shirt in the middle of January, give them some warmer options. When you let your child get dressed alone, you can also provide some parameters and boundaries. One thing you can do is present your child with two or three outfit choices and tell them that they can choose from them. This way, they won’t feel overwhelmed with options, and they’ll choose something seasonally appropriate to wear. Working within boundaries is a great life skill that goes way beyond preschool. Furthermore, your child can hear why a clothing choice doesn’t work. “You’ll be very cold if you wear that” works much better than “You’re wearing what I tell you to wear.” Boundaries and explanations help you and your child develop a sense of trust and understanding with one another.

Reasons to Let Children Dress Themselves and Other Parenting Advice

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