Chore Ideas for Young Children

Posted on June 28, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Chores are great for young children. When children feel like they’re helping around the house, they get a self-esteem boost. Furthermore, you get to help your kids build good habits that will last them well into adulthood. Of course, you’ll have to stay patient. Children, like adults, don’t develop new habits overnight. Give them some time and use a sticker chart to track progress and rewards. You should also start small. Here are a few chore ideas for young children.

Make the Bed

Here’s one of the most common chore ideas for young children: making the bed. If your child doesn’t already make their bed on a daily basis, now is a great time to get them started. Your young child has the mental and physical capabilities they’ll need for this task. Start by helping them make the bed each morning, and then let them do it on their own after the first few days. Here’s a word of warning for the ultra-organized parents: Your child’s bed will look terrible for a while, and that’s okay. Making the bed is a skill, and your child will eventually refine that skill. Don’t fix the bed after your child has made it. Let them take ownership and have pride in doing it on their own.

Clean Their Room

Get your child in the habit of cleaning their room after they make a mess. If you start now, their teenage years will be a lot easier for you. When it comes to keeping a bedroom clean, it’s best to use daily habits instead of waiting until the room looks like a disaster zone. This way, cleaning becomes a normal part of the day, and your child doesn’t get overwhelmed. Have a dedicated cleaning time at the end of each day or teach your child how to clean up immediately after each mess.


Among chore ideas for young children, dusting is one of the most simple. It’s also one of the more fun activities. A lot of kids like to wipe down surfaces, just like a lot of kids enjoy stirring the food when you cook. If you want to make it extra fun, you and your child can make a puppet together out of an old sock. Your child can then wear that sock puppet on their hand for dusting.

Help Feed Pets

Your young child can start taking some ownership in pet care. Pet care can give kids an extra boost of pride because taking care of a living creature is a big step. If you have a pet, let your child help you feed that pet on a daily basis. Depending on the pet and your child, you might have your child take on a few other pet care duties, too. Start small and use your best judgement.

Set and Clear the Table

Young children can set and/or clear the table. Like most chores, this one will require lots of help and instruction at first, but you can gradually pull back your supervision as your child gets used to this chore. In a few years, your child will be able to help with washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Clearing the table is a great stepping-stone for those types of chores.

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