Infant Trust

Posted on July 7, 2017 : Posted in Legacy Academy

How do you ensure healthy bonding with your infant? Infants who have close physical contact with adults, especially during feeding time, seem to develop closer bonds with that adult. Crying infants are communicating and need to know that their “words” are heard and taken seriously.

According to psychologist Erik Erickson, trust has two distinct parts. First, external trust – the idea that significant adults will be present to meet basic needs of the child, and second, internal trust – the belief in a person’s own power to effect change.

Children who develop a healthy sense of trust during their infant years gain a sense of security. That sense of security allows them to try new things by themselves in their toddler years and beyond. Your infant needs predictable and loving care and to know that their needs will always be met. At Legacy Academy we are committed to making infants feel safe and cared for. Our infant teachers are responsive and kind, and will give your child the best care possible. You can trust your little legacy with us!

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