Feed a distracted baby

How to Feed a Distracted Baby

Posted on January 24, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips
Feed a distracted baby

You settle in to feed your little one, sitting in the rocking chair as normal. You know the baby is hungry; she’s been giving you lots of signals. However, as soon as you sit and try to feed her, she begins to wiggle. Instead of eating, she wants to look at every corner of the room. Any sound has her practically leaping off your lap. You’re left wondering what changed and how in the world you can feed a distracted baby.

Around 4 or 5 months old, it is not unusual for babies to “wake up” to the world around them. They begin to notice sights and sounds that never affected them before. This is an exciting stage, full of smiles and interaction, but it certainly makes some things more difficult. A primary example is feeding. While there is no magical way to encourage a baby to eat while distracted, here are a few ways to bring your baby’s attention back.

Keep a Routine

While many parents create routines around eating times for their own convenience, this predictability is good for your baby as well. Just as bedtime goes more smoothly when things are done at the same time and in the same order, a baby will learn what to expect when mealtimes are predictable. For example, choose a certain chair for feedings, or play soothing music while your child eats. Alternatively, include your child in the preparations for eating, like mixing a bottle, so he or she understands the connection.

Move Away from Distractions

If you have a busy schedule or other children, it can be hard to eliminate distractions when your child eats. Still, if you can find a chair in a quiet room or designate a space where it is cool and dark, your baby is more likely to focus on the task at hand. Also, try to turn off screens and noise (besides the aforementioned soft music) before sitting down to feed your baby. This will eliminate many of the noises and sights that may draw your child’s attention away. Your other children may benefit from some teaching about baby’s mealtime, too. Perhaps you choose one or two special, quiet toys that your children only get to use while the baby is eating. Or instead, you might ask your children to play or read in their rooms during the baby’s meals.

Feed While in Motion

There is something about motion that holds a baby’s attention. Many mothers struggling with how to feed a distracted baby find it much easier to feed their little one while rocking or swaying. Another option is to feed your baby while he or she is being worn in a wrap or carrier if this fits your lifestyle. You can be creative with this to allow yourself some restful time as well, by feeding your baby on a porch swing or in a rocking chair.

Take Advantage of Sleepy Moments

One of the best times to feed a distracted baby is when they are sleepy. If you are struggling with getting your excitable baby to eat, try catching him or her just before sleep or right as they are waking up. Because sleepiness dulls the senses, your baby is less likely to be distracted by noises or sights in these moments.

Remember This Is a Phase

A distractible baby who doesn’t eat well can be extremely stressful for caregivers and parents. However, this is a very common phase for infants to pass through and it typically only takes a short time for babies to dive back into eating with gusto. As always, if you are concerned about your child’s eating habits, please consult your pediatrician.

As an infant awakes to the world around him, it’s no wonder he is excited to see and hear everything he can. Unfortunately, this usually makes everyday tasks like eating more difficult for a while. By implementing the steps above, you are well on your way to helping your baby focus when it’s time to eat. Are you looking for childcare to help you navigate these phases in your child’s life? Look no further than Legacy Academy Suwanee Dam. Call or visit today to learn more.